• Most businesses waste money on ineffective marketing. IBA helps you drive more business and cut through the noise with innovative marketing and effective project management so you can create powerful customer experiences that wow your audience and make you proud.



    IBA provides marketing, branding strategy, and project management to free up your time and maximizes the impact on your customer, so you can succeed


    Marketing and Branding Strategy

    Project Management

    Creative Strategy

    Event Design

    Event Production

    Experiential Marketing

    Brand Activation

    Account Management

  • In these times more, than ever, you don’t want your foundation to be shaky. A clear marketing message and strategy provides stability and safety for success so you can avoid losing customers to confusing messages.


    Tired of feeling demotivated from campaigns not working or just draining you?


    Be the person pressing play and moving forward, coming out of these tricky times better. In the wake of panic you don't want to be frozen in fear while your business competition laps you.


    Exhaustion and feeling like there’s not enough time in the day doesn’t have to be the norm. With IBA you increase your ability and add more value to your clients.


    No more wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work.


    You are not alone, with our expertise you will reap the benefits of marketing that works and receive the support to thrive.


    Stop losing customers and get more business.


    We have worked with thousands of companies like yours - businesses needing to meet their goals and who are passionate about sharing their value with their customers.


    Have you been discouraged and frustrated by hitting a limit on the growth of your business?


    Time is ticking, don't let the lack of effective marketing give you problems and place a limit on your ability to have the highest impact. Our marketing expertise, brand strategy design, and project management can guide and support your campaign and business execution.

    We also offer all solutions and services for SPANISH speaking clients, customers, and projects as a fluent bilingual team.


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  • Our Customers No Longer Struggle To Succeed

    Why Choose IBA

    Project Management


    Achieve greater impact, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


    Add more value increasing your ability to serve your clients without feeling like time is escaping you.

    We help you save time and money with the right process and options that earn customers and position you as a powerful brand.

    Client Support


    The business and personal support to make you feel like you can take on the world.


    IBA gets you back the time to crush deadlines, connect to customers, and build a legacy.


    Our project management and expertise in flawless execution and strategy will aid you in succeeding.


    Stop worrying about whether you will succeed and meet yours and your client’s goals.

    Effective Marketing


    Free yourself from the uncertainty of marketing messaging and money-wasting campaigns.


    We are your best-kept secret and back-up brain for ingenious marketing and strategy design and execution giving you peace of mind.


    We design campaigns and messages that make your audience care and pay attention allowing you and your company to benefit from being a recognized brand.

  • Who We Are

    IBA has served thousands of clients including hundreds of the biggest brands and their teams to execute successful projects, marketing, and brand strategies. Join the leaders who have saved time and succeeded with our help.

  • Luis Felipe Giraldo

    Founder/Marketing Project Ninja

    Your customers are savvier, busier, and its harder to get their attention now more than ever. As a passionate practitioner of consumer psychology and branding, Luis Felipe has created die-hard fans for brands such as Redbull, Dell, MetroPCS, Ducati, Ferrari, Exxon, and Facebook (to name a few). An entrepreneur and designer, along with 10+ years in experiential marketing he has worked with thousands of brands.


    Understanding that clients need knowledge work and on-the-field creative engagement has proved valuable to the growth of those he serves. With experience as a project manager, trained in lean six-sigma Luis Felipe ownership and direction through the project's lifecycle has proven successful to campaigns and teams time and time again. He possesses the flexibility scope from initial concept, design, development, and execution to final delivery and recap.


    With a passionate belief that brands can impact individuals and communities for the better, Luis Felipe is able to execute projects and convey ideas to end-consumer through powerful storytelling, strategy design, simple processes, and problem-solving systems implementation.

  • Our Work

    Production Management

    Mastered the "How-To" of project ownership and making a difference with proven frameworks to find opportunities and provide as smooth an experiential marketing process as possible for clients and their partners.


    Building trust and attention with customers by seeing them, caring about them and managing the execution with successful end results has been the engine driving projects of all scales as a marketing and branding expert.


    IBA's consistent and proven track record of events execution, strategies and management for companies like yours to succeed also provides peace of mind for stakeholders in a tried-and-true system with a team of creative problem solvers and easy to work with professionals.

    Using one part scientific method to optimize and one part trained creativity, continues to be a productive management method. Allowing for deconstruction and organization throughout programs that increase effectiveness, quality, and experiences which provides longevity for you.


    • Proven track record in management, ownership, and delivery of KPI’s

    • Small to large scale event producer with top notch communication, organization, and attention to


    • Maintain budgets, meet deadlines, for activation and marketing campaigns and all encompassing


    • Micro and macro application to assess and resolve or apply contingencies in ever changing event


    • Manage brand ambassadors and brand communicators

    • Develop, execute, and finalize marketing brand strategies

    • Design Brand story for maximum emotional connection to customers

    Let's talk on how IBA can serve your needs for project management, marketing strategy, and experiential campaigns as we have done for countless clients.

    Brand Ambassador

    I have a proven track record as an experiential marketing professional and consumer facing specialists. Having worked virtually every program type and thrived in every role whether its product specialist, alcohol, food, and brand activations I understands the key is to make a great first impression to all that interact with your brand and client. Through communication and leadership skills I am an asset that will benefit your agency and the client.

    Brand Activations

    Event design, preproduction, and execution of high engaging consumer experiences

    Festival Activation

    Livenation and ear protection partner Killnoise are protecting fan's ears at festivals across the US. IBA managed talent and coordinated hire to communicate brand message and sales support of concert earplugs; additionally:

    -Maintained communication with vendors, partners, and staff in 3 day festival with over 60,000 attendees daily.

    -Trained and managed Brand Ambassadors and sales reps

    -Develop content and digital brand story

    -Tour transport and logistics

    -BA/Sales training and management

    -Cultivated brand placement and VIP relations

    *Photography by https://jamestinnellphotography.com/

    Pop-Up Store

    Used proactive problem solving and proven ability to work independently and with a team in a fast-paced environment of events and marketing event production. Managed positive experience for customer, client, and stakeholders through critical thinking and proper planning and execution.

    Balanced multiple priorities and met strict deadlines for special events.

    Strong verbal and written communications skills to effectively lead teams, maintain open lines of communication, and complete projects.

    Used poised and experience in dealing with the public and develop and maintain relationships to get buy-in with partners, crews, and vendors across varied environments and projects.

    High attention to detail and organization paired with leadership has allowed successful results leveraging over 10 years of consumer and client facing to deliver unique, result-oriented solutions.

    Promotional Merchandise

    Our background in fashion and design are a collective of 35yrs in retail, fashion design, and high end apparel and merchandising. With domestic as well as overseas manufactures within our database we can provide the most competitive pricing possible.


    Our work with has been tested and tried in creating the best ideas and items to bring our clients projects to life in the best fashion possible and have worked with household names and hot brands to increase the connection they make with their customers.


    Know what you want as promotional project? Perfect! We offer quick turn-arounds and are accustomed with last minute jobs that call for rush options. We handle everything from Production Management to logistics.


    Need ideas or not sure what the best premium or promo item is? No Problem! Let our expert team provide an easy and simple creative conceptualizing of just the right item that will live forever not only in your customer's possession but most importantly in their mind and heart.

  • Let's Get To Work

    Merchandise discovery call
    Merchandise discovery call
    20.00 - 800.00
    We supply over 950,000 different items, so if we do not have specific items requests, we curate items based on your project or initiative. We work with local and international bonded and ensured vendors providing anything from apparel, print, designer goods, or give away/promotional premiums.

    Design and project manage.

    360 design, source, quality control, project manage, produce, deliver.
    Coming soon
    Weekly Project
    Weekly Project
    550.00 - 900.00
    Minimum 20 hrs/week
    Coming soon
    Brand Ambassador Work
    Brand Ambassador Work
    45.00 - 350.00
    White glove brand message facilitator

    Customer facing with extensive emphasis on experience


    Customer service with KPI (key performance indicators)
    Coming soon
    Monthly Retainer
    Monthly Retainer
    1,500.00 - 5,000.00
    Event design, Branding, Marketing, Project management ownership and/or collaborative work. Customized and Adaptive for each project and unique vision:
    - Discovery
    - Assessment
    - Planning
    - Preproduction
    - Event Design Presentation
    - Approvals
    - Execution
    - Reports
    - Total hours outside of execution/Admin
    - Progress reports/Check ins
    - Management of Staff (if needed)
    - Recap

    Management in carrying out experiential marketing and event design to maximize ad dollars and brand awareness, activation, campaigns and vending. Pre-production to amplify impressions and generate buzz at the highest level
    Coming soon
    Experiential Marketing Consultation
    Experiential Marketing Consultation
    200.00 - 1,000.00
    1hr long call or meeting

    Implementation and SOP review

    Design and Map SOP, campaigns, and collateral
    Coming soon
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